Akanni Lavglade is a rare Male Sentinal, serving as a Sentinal Captain in the Silverwing Offensive. He is often seen with his trusted companion Astonish and his black hat.

Picture of him and Astonish:

Brief History / Appearance.Edit

In the past, he was first seen in a cult who worshipped the Old God, due to his parents forcing him into it. Akanni eventually left Genesis, helping the assault on the Black Temple and eventually helping with the defeat of Illidan. Regardless, he returned to Darnassus, and started earning his keep, after a while, he had tamed his lawfull companian Astonish and started thinking about what journy he would do next, he turned to the Silverwing Offensive, sailing to Northrend to combat the scourge and return the forests to once they where.

Nobody knows his second name, as of now, exept ex. Genesis members (ie; Gregenath, Morleru).

He keeps his deep purple hair neatly under his hat.

(I'll add more later)

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