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Nouk is an Abomination of The Forsaken, which helps The Horde as good as he can. Nouk was created by Giles Nalshyo durning the third war when the forsaken had managed to get free from the scourge. After the Forsaken's victory in loredaron Nouk was then trained by Giles Nalshyo to get more intelligent.

After weeks and even months, nouk started to turn a little bit smarter than a normal Abomination, which caused Giles to get very happy as he almost went crazy from training Nouk since his allready lack of intelligence. After this Giles swore to never teach annother Abomination again as long as he lived.

When the forsaken joined the horde, Nouk was sent on various battles for The Forsaken and The Horde, Nouk enjoyed everymoment of it. He prefered to slay Humans, but later found a certain love in to slay Night Elves as they are very annoying for nouk. Nouk also tend to call many races by their skin color, for instance he would say green skin instead of Orc, and blue skin instead of Draenei.

Wars and battlesEdit

Nouk has been in wars and battles, from the third war to the battle against Illidan Stormrage, killing as much as he could from every single battle he has been in. He has also been in various battles from The Arathi Conquerors, wich is of the good old days that Nouk remembers the best, serving under Grathorm.

Nouk also tend to want to Smash in his own words, he does not have much patience for waiting and prefere to kill first and ask the questions latter. Even thought he does lissen to those that are over him in command so they do have control over him, wich many should be happy for or else nobody knows what trouble nouk could cause instead of good for his allies.

Relationship with The AllianceEdit

Nouk's relationship whit The alliance is a cold one, He finds The Alliance very annoying and just wish to simply kill all of them. Nouk tend to also throw insults to The alliance races as a way to show his hatered. The worste thing Nouk know is if an Alliance of any kind try to command him and even as much as poke him. He see them as a pest that needs to get away. Yet durning the later times as The horde and The Alliance work together has been a hard one for Nouk.

He finds it very hard to work with them, and even talk with them. Yet he has managed to hold his skin. Yet it dosn't mean that he stops with the insults. If Nouk ever find an Alliance that needs help when The Horde and The Alliance works together he will not aid them. He thinks that those that fall in battle or cry for help on the battle field of The alliance is weak and just simply needs to die.

Relationship with The hordeEdit

Now when it gets to The Horde, they are the people nouk like the most, special Orcs since they are strong atleast that is what nouk thinks and means. Nouk has respect to all of the horde races but it tends to be levels of the respect. The race nouk has least respect for are The Blood Elves. The race Nouk has most respect for are The Forsaken and right behind The Forsaken is where the orcs are and so on.

If Nouk spot a Horde member that is wounded or needs help, he will not hesitate to come to their aid, as Giles teached Nouk to help The Horde in anyway he could. Nouk also tend to hug some Horde memebers if he is very happy, even thought some of the Horde members seems to dislike it. But Nouk dosn't really care about that as much.

Nouk's friendsEdit

These are the people Nouk consider his friends:

  • Kawna.
  • Rasrors.
  • Giles.
  • Grathorm.
  • Dormirith.
  • He also consider every Horde race for friendly people.


  • Nouk says that a part of his leg used to be from a Farmer that got chased by a cow. Nouk knows this as some Abominations can get flashbacks in their heads from the life of their body parts. Therefor if Nouk stays still and dosn't say much after an amount of time, it might be that he recives a flash back from a body part.
  • Nouk speaks in third person.
  • Nouk's body has a extra lay of meat and also some metal plates.

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