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When the elves still not had landed upon Eversong Forest, When still the Amani Empire ruled the lands, There was a small unknown tribe made of exiled Amani trolls. They were hidden deep into the forests now known as the Ghostlands. They were exiled for betrayal, big mistakes or saying no to orders. If they ever was to be seen by The Amani they would be killed at sight.

They survived for years but that changed when the High Elves arrived. They were found many times in the war between the elves and the Amani Empire. It was only seven of them left when they decided to leave the land to go south. They walked over the mountains past the human and elven blockades and sneaked over the land to southern Eastern Plaguelands,

They did set up a small camp in a small cave. They resided there but a sickness killed all of them except three and that was Razilaj, his father and the elder. They fled the land and found a small cave in the southern part of Hillsbrad Foothills. Once there The Elder began to learn Razilaj the tribes secret Element magic and his father began teaching him the way of melee combat.

They hid there for many years until they saw something else than the humans passing by, an Orc, Their elder had died by now so Razilaj and his father, they did sneak up to him and asked him why an orc walks in the human lands.

The Orc told them that the Amani had been defeated, That the orcs had fled their prisons at the internity(spelled like that?) camps and had crossed the ocean to the lands of Kalimdor and had founded Orgrimmar and Durotar. He also told them off the Scourge Invasion, The joining of the Forsaken and Blood elves and of the Tauren and darkspear trolls. The orc told them that it were a Zeppelin in Tirisfal Glades, the former capital region on Lordaeron, The Orc was on his way to Orgrimmar and the zepelin so he showed them the way.

Once in Orgrimmar they told their story to Thrall and he accepted them in The Horde if they accepted it. They Accepted and now fights in the name of The Horde but they still show hatred against the Humans and Blood Elves for destroying their tribe, They are friendly against the other races though.

Razilaj and his father now is wandering the world fighting for the horde and is seeking for survivors from other exiled amani tribes hoping that any other amani exile is still alive. Razilaj is also looking for an apprentice from the darkspear tribe or any other troll tribe in the horde that will keep their clans traditions and learn about their elemental magic and only teach his most trusted.





The Amani Exile, The Prophet of N'aixax.




Eversong Woods


Hand of Thal'kitun


Orcish, Some Common, (Language for the guild, no name yet)


Undead Amani Troll



There we were. Sailing to Northrend. Fully armed to defeat the Scourge. We were the warriors of atom. But destiny was not on our side...

A great storm appeared and made our ship crash near the Death's stand. A group of undead attacked us and killed all of us, even a troll that was scouting around in the area that came to slay the scourge with us. They ressurected us but had no time to take our will before a group of tuskarr came and chased them off and saved us.

We was not the same as before though... The horrible memories from the storm and our death and ressurection had somehow twisted our minds... We began thinking of gods... N'aixax, The death god. Rawanar, THe war god. Neijikal, The magic god. Gravar'lon, The wisdom god and Shel'kitra, The goddess of Deception.

We sailed to the lands of Silverpine to seek an fallen ally of ours with the only remaining boat that was sailable. under the journey we began training the ways the gods told us. after some time three of us had been choosen to be prophets of the gods. The troll RAzilaj had been chosen by N'aixax, Donathan by Rawanar and Kensmit by Neijikal.

When we arrived we found the grave of Geralt and stole his body when the guards was sleeping. We ressurected it on the boat and began his training. We sailed to the land of Azshara to seek a place to stay. Geralt was chosen by Gravar'lon under the journey. We arrived and hide from the nagas, they burned our ship and we left azshara. We are now trying to find somewhere to stay. But when we got a bigger army we will conquer a temple of theirs and take them all over...

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